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STICKY WAX is a synthetic wax, it is easily bent or twist and gets finer effects than traditional wax. SYNTHETIC WAX and WAX are inter changeable by special effects make up artists for smoothing the edges of prosthetic pieces and adding features to characters for performances, SYNTHETIC WAX is a desently blend of professional performers. It comes in 20 g. Pack


This WAX is used for special effects make-up. Make-up artists use this wax for entertainment industries , to smooth the edges of prosthetic pieces , to built up facial aeras or for blocking out eyebrows. It is soft, supple wax that is easy to work within your hands to build any special effects. After appiled it hardens again, to make it soft you can used your heat of the hands to soften it. This WAX is safe to use , durable and easy to remove.
It comes in 20 g. Pack

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MATTE GUM has been used throughout the theater and movie industries. This MATTE GUM is used for applying crepe hair mustaches and beards,wigs,fake noses and bald caps. The professional artists use UROPARIS MATTE GUM as they know and they can trust the finest quality MATTE GUM that won’t  quit in the middle of the perfomance or movie shoots. It comes in three different sizes :-

1) 20 ml. 2) 30 ml. With brush. 3) 50 ml.

COLLODIUM is a transperant liquid created for special effect makeup work for creating the scar effects on the skin. When the COLLODIUM is painted on to a small aear of the skin as it dries it wrinkled the skin. Even  any one can create the large scaring effects by repeating the application of COLLODIUM. To remove the COLLODIUM scaring effect you have to just peel off.
For the professional makeup artist you will notice the difference with our COLLODIUM.
It comes in 30 ml. Bottle with brush.


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