Ageing Like Fine Wine: A Step-by-Step Makeup Guide for Mature Skin

As we mature, our skin transforms, much like our personal sense of style. Ageing is a natural process, and its effects become more apparent over time. But don’t let fine lines and wrinkles discourage you from feeling confident and beautiful in your own skin.

Makeup can be an incredible tool that empowers and boosts confidence whenever you look in the mirror. If you think that makeup for mature skin is not possible, think again! We’re here to offer you makeup tips that are specifically designed for mature skin, to shift your perspective and help you embrace the ageing process with grace and positivity.

How to Ace Mature Skin Makeup:

Whether for yourself or your client, these simple steps will help you master that perfect look even on ageing skin.

STEP – 1 – Restore Hydration

It’s normal for ageing skin to lose its natural hydration. As we age, our skin starts producing less sebum, losing its ability to retain moisture. Make sure to cleanse and hydrate properly before any makeup application. Dryer skin tends to accentuate fine lines, wrinkles, and texture. Hydrated skin will help to plump these areas giving you a smoother makeup look.

STEP – 2 – Prime & Hide the Signs of Aging

Want long-lasting, texture-free makeup? For mature skin, a dewy primer is your go-to. It’s a game-changer in smoothing the skin’s surface for best results. Opt for a cream-based concealer to conceal aging signs like age spots. Choose a high-pigment, lightweight foundation for a blurring effect.

STEP – 3 – Layer Your Products Carefully

Start by slowly building the product into your skin to get your desired level of coverage. Full-coverage makeup is a big no-no! Cream products almost always settle into your wrinkles and fine lines giving you a cakey look.

STEP – 4 – Colour Correct It Right

Color correction is your secret weapon to neutralize any redness, darkness or blemishes for an even skin tone. Identify the hues – are your dark circles reddish, bluish, or purple? Apply thin layers to cover spots, age marks, etc. Gently blend with your fingers and set with micro-fine powders. Then, use a concealer slightly brighter than your skin, set it again with powder once it’s in place. Refer to this guide to keep things simple:
For redness: Use yellow or green corrector
For purple or brown: Use orange corrector (darker skin tones)
For blues: Use peach (light/medium skin tones) or pink corrector (fair/light skin tones)

STEP – 5 – Blend It to Perfection

When working with mature skin, opt for a small or medium fluffy synthetic brush that mimics the shape of your eye crease brush or a blender. These tools not only ensure precise application but also absorb any excess products.

STEP – 6 – Pump Up Your Eyes and Lashes

Usually, skin around the eyelids loosen and fine lines, wrinkles appear around the eye. You may also see loss of density in your lashes. To get bold and defined eyes:

  • Use matte shades for a smoother texture on the eyelids.
  • For brighter eyes, stick with lighter colours and keep the darker shades towards the outer portion of the eyelids to create depth.
  • Skip thick, dramatic eyeliners, and stick with simple tidelining of your lower and upper lash line.

This technique subtly enhances the eye area without overwhelming it.
For an extra touch, we suggest adding natural-looking false lashes like Uroparis LV-4  to make your eyes pop and lightly layer on mascara.

STEP – 7 – Define Your Lips

As we age, lip definition fades. Keep your lips healthy and natural with a lip balm. If you love lipsticks, go for light brown or nude shades for a pop of color. Pick hydrating and pigmented lipsticks. Don’t forget to regularly exfoliate your lips to remove dead skin and dirt.

It’s time to tweak your makeup routine to make your skin glow today and beyond. Follow these makeup tips for mature skin and make a youthful appearance. After all, why should looking good have an age limit?
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