Behind the Glam: 7 Lesser-Known Facts About Fake Eyelashes

Explore the fascinating world of fake eyelashes with us! We’re spilling the beans on seven things you probably didn’t know about these eye-catching accessories, from perfecting their application to extending their lifespan. Join us on a journey that goes behind the glam.
Armed with some valuable tips to the surprising secrets that make them pop. Get ready for a whole new perspective on the fluttery world of falsies!

They’re Reusable!

Extend the life of your false lashes by giving them some love and care. If mascara isn’t in the mix, grab tweezers to delicately remove excess glue, then safely store them back in their original case. When mascara is part of the equation, a gentle cleanse with eye makeup remover keeps your lashes unspoiled for your next glam appearance. No need to toss them out after every use – your falsies are ready to shine whenever you are!

Keep Your Eye Shape in Mind

When picking lashes, start by considering your eye shape and eyelid space. Tailor the length and volume based on your unique features. To find the perfect match for your eyes, explore our blog here for insights on eye shapes and lash recommendations. Ensure a proper fit by measuring and trimming the excess lash band. Remember this crucial step!

The C-Shape Method

To make it easier to apply false lashes and achieve a more natural look that matches your eyes, you can follow this simple step: try bending them inward to create a C-shape before you apply them. This simple trick will help curve their straight shape and make it easier to apply them on your lash line.

Avoid Frequent Touching!

Once you’ve applied the lashes, hands entirely off! Continuously touching your lashes can compromise their adhesive, making them easier to fall off. Let them settle undisturbed after application to ensure a long-lasting and flawless lash look.

Makeup Always First!

Before applying false lashes, make sure your makeup is already done. Applying lashes before makeup can make it harder to apply eyeshadow properly.

Not Water-Resistant

Did you know that false lashes are not waterproof? For events like weddings or pool days, it’s best to stick to natural lashes for a flawless and worry-free look. Ensure you always shine with confidence.

Glue Alert!

While not a concern for everyone, those allergic to latex may react negatively to adhesive glue. When buying glue, always check labels to ensure the ingredients are safe for use.

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