FAQ Guide: Is it Safe to Use False Eyelashes While Wearing Contact Lenses?

Have you ever stood before a mirror, contacts in, wondering if those fabulous false lashes you’ve been eyeing are a friend or foe to your lenses? You’re not alone. Every day, countless contact lens wearers face this beauty conundrum. But fear not, for this complete FAQ guide is here to dispel myths and offer practical tips, ensuring your eyes stay both beautiful and comfortable.

Question 1: Can I wear false eyelashes and contact lenses at the same time?

Answer: Absolutely! With proper care and technique, wearing falsies with contact lenses can be a breeze. It’s all about making smart choices – from lash types to adhesives, and mastering the art of application.

Question 2: How do I pick the right false eyelashes if I wear contact lenses?

Answer: Go for light and airy! Heavier lashes can cause discomfort, especially with lenses. Pick falsies made from natural fibers, which are more breathable and gentle on the eyes. Remember, comfort is as important as style. Here are some top picks for the right false lashes to pair with your contact lenses from our Pro LV (Light Volume) Range.

Question 3 Is choosing the right eyelash glue important for contact lens users?

Answer: Yes, choosing the right eyelash glue definitely makes a difference. Your eyes are sensitive, more so with contacts. Select adhesives labeled hypoallergenic or for sensitive eyes. These specially formulated glues reduce the risk of irritation and ensure a comfortable lash experience.

Question 4: What’s the best way to apply false eyelashes if I wear contacts?


  • Start by applying your contact lenses before any makeup. It’s easier and offers a clearer view for makeup application.
  • Clean hands and tools are a must to avoid any contamination.
  • Apply falsies with precision, ensuring the glue doesn’t come in contact with your lenses. It’s a delicate process but well worth the effort for stunning eyes.

Question 5: What should I do (and not do) to avoid irritation with false eyelashes and contact lenses?


  • Do trim the lashes to fit your eye shape to avoid inner-corner discomfort.
  • Don’t let the lash adhesive touch the contact lens. Always apply lashes carefully to prevent adhesive from getting into your eyes.
  • Avoid applying eyeliner or eyeshadow on your waterline. It risks irritation if the product enters your eye or if your eyes water.
  • Steer clear of perfumed eye makeup or skincare products around the eyes when wearing contacts.



Question 6: What’s the gentlest way to remove false eyelashes without bothering my contacts?


  • Always remove your contact lenses first before taking off makeup. This prevents makeup flakes from irritating your eyes or contaminating your lenses, especially crucial for reusable contacts. Plus, you don’t need lenses to see what you’re doing while removing makeup.
  • Gently peel away the falsies from the outer edge. Follow with a mild eye makeup remover to ensure all traces of lash adhesive and makeup are gone, keeping your eye area clean and safe.

Gone are the days when wearing contact lenses meant compromising on your lash game. With these tips, you can confidently pair your favorite falsies with your lenses, ensuring ‘all eyes are on you’ for all the right reasons. Whether you’re attending a wedding or just accentuating your daily look, let your eyes tell your story in comfort and style. So go ahead, flutter those safely lashed eyes, and let your unique beauty shine!