FAQ: Your eyelash questions & answers all in one place

  1. Lash Talk: Answering Your Top Eyelash Queries

Diving into the world of faux lashes can transform your beauty routine, adding that extra spark of glamour and depth to your eyes. Yet, navigating through the myriad of options and techniques might seem like deciphering an ancient code. Whether you’re a seasoned makeup aficionado or new to the allure of falsies, you’ve likely had questions about choosing, applying, and wearing them. Fear not, beauty explorers! We’re here to unfold the mysteries of faux lashes, ensuring you shine with confidence and style.

Decoding the World of Faux Eyelashes

1. How Long Can You Wear Faux Eyelashes For?

For the best comfort and eye health, it’s recommended to wear faux lashes for no more than 12-16 hours at a time. Always remove them gently at the end of the day to let your natural lashes breathe.

2. How Can I Use False Eyelashes Without Them Looking Fake?

The secret to achieving a naturally lush look lies in selecting lashes that complement your natural lash line and applying them with precision. Opting for lashes with a clear band and individual lashes can create a seamless blend. Check out this guide to discover which lashes look the most natural.

3. Do Falsies Only Come in One Size?

Faux lashes celebrate diversity, coming in various lengths and volumes to suit every preference and occasion. Trimming lashes to fit your eye size ensures a comfortable and natural look.

4. Do Falsies Require Professional Application?

While a professional touch is always a luxury, the beauty of faux lashes lies in their DIY-friendly nature. With a little practice and the right techniques, applying lashes can be a breeze. For tips on achieving a flawless application on your own, check out this guide.

5. Will Falsies Harm My Natural Lashes?

When applied and removed correctly, faux lashes pose no harm to your natural lashes. The key is gentle handling and using a quality adhesive.

6 .Can Mascara Be Applied to False Lashes?

Yes, mascara can be applied to false lashes to blend them with your natural lashes or to add extra volume. However, remember that less is more to avoid clumping and to extend the life of your falsies.

7 .Which Eyelash Style Is Best for My Eyes?

Finding the perfect lash style starts with understanding your eye shape. Whether you have almond, round, or hooded eyes, there’s a lash style waiting to elevate your look. Learn how to match falsies to your eye shape for mesmerizing results here.

8. Can You Reuse Faux Eyelashes?

Absolutely! With proper care, quality faux eyelashes can be reused multiple times. After each wear, gently clean the lashes with a non-oil-based makeup remover and store them in their original case to maintain their shape.

9. Are Faux Lashes Safe for Sensitive Eyes?

Yes, but choosing the right type and adhesive is crucial. Look for hypoallergenic lashes made from lightweight materials and opt for latex-free, formaldehyde-free glue to minimize irritation. Learn more about choosing the right adhesives here.

10. How Do I Safely Remove and Care for My Faux Lashes?

Removing faux lashes gently is crucial to protect both the falsies and your natural lashes. Use a dedicated lash adhesive remover or a gentle makeup remover to soften the adhesive. Carefully peel the lashes starting from the outer corner. To care for your lashes, clean them after each use, removing any glue and makeup residue with a soft brush or Q-tip and alcohol-free makeup remover. Store them in their original shape to maintain their form for future use.